Adoption, is it a life changing event for health insurance in Florida?

Adding a child into your family is for sure life-changing, but does this milestone qualify for your health insurance?

What is a qualifying life-changing event when it comes to health insurance?

Life has a funny way of throwing in events that upset the status quo. Also, it seems to turn our lives upside down.

Some of these events might qualify you to sign up for health insurance in Florida beyond the usual annual period of enrollment according to  But make sure that you apply for your insurance within 60 days of your qualifying life event.  Failure to do so might mean you could have to wait up to 10 months for the next available enrollment date.

There are many family events that are considered qualifying life-changing events.

Family events, how does it affect your health insurance?

Families change constantly and many of these changes would qualify you to apply for online Florida health insurance outside of the usual enrollment dates.

Starting life as a married couple means that your old health plan may no longer meet your needs.  For example, you may wish to start a family, which means adding your children to your insurance policy.  This also applies to adopted children and children you may be fostering long term.  A baby is covered by the mother’s insurance for the first 30 days. Any time after this you will need to arrange for separate cover for the child.

An adopted child is not covered by their guardian’s policy. They would need their own health insurance coverage.

Individual Health Insurance providers

There are different levels of FL Health insurance coverage to match individual situations according to Not all policy providers offer the same terms and cover.  For example, many insurers will ask that you notify them of a change within 27 days. In order for them to make the appropriate changes to start your cover on time. However, others offer instant coverage and do not require advanced notification.

In these situations, it is advantageous to speak directly with your chosen insurance broker as children may have policies held over from previous homes which will need updating.  Also, if you wanted to move any old insurance policies from a foster or adopted child’s previous caregiver’s broker, then there may be certain documents and information that your provider will need in order to make the switch.

The best plan of action would be that once an event has happened, call and check with your policy broker.